Repetitive TMS is a non-invasive treatment where magnetic pulses are delivered to stimulate nerve cells in the part of the brain controlling the mood, which is often underactive in patients with depression.  Repeated stimulation of this part of the brain has proven to produce an antidepressant effect on people suffering from depression.  TMS therapy is available by prescription only.  Your doctor will use medication dosing records and depression scores among other measures to determine whether you are a candidate for TMS therapy.

TMS in short:

  • Series of pulsed magnetic stimuli to the brain
  • Safe, with high tolerability
  • Free from common antidepressant drug side effects
  • Most common side effects from TMS are headache and nausea
  • Does not affect cognitive function
  • Patients can resume daily activities right after treatment
  • May be used with or without antidepressants (determined by physician)
  • Covered by most insurance providers