The Partial Hospitalization Program is designed for adults with primary psychiatric disorders who require intensive support and structure but not 24-hour inpatient care. Clients attend PHP five days per week for six hours a day. They can return home in the evening and attend treatment at our facility during the day.

Montevista’s Partial Hospital Program is an intensive, voluntary day treatment program designed for individuals with acute psychiatric concerns that do not require hospitalization. Individuals attend daily therapeutic groups after which they return home for the evening. This minimizes disruption to their daily routines, maintains uninterrupted support of family and friends, and facilitates learning by encouraging immediate practice of newly acquired skills.

Patients may be referred to the Partial Hospitalization Program following an acute inpatient stay as a “step-down” or may be admitted directly from home when they may be experiencing increased psychological/emotional distress and are finding it difficult to manage their life at work, school or home. This comprehensive, short term program (1-6 weeks) provides help in a supportive setting. The Program includes a psychiatric evaluation, intensive therapeutic groups along with individual and family meetings designed to cultivate the skills necessary to live a more satisfying and productive life.

PHP Services and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation
  • Weekly psychiatric medication consults
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Individual therapy as needed
  • Group therapy (Goals, Process, Adjunctive Therapy, Wrap-up and Psych Education Groups)
  • Development of coping skills to present relapse
  • Activity therapy
  • Trauma Informed Care based treatment (adults)
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Transportation assistance (some geographic limitations)
  • Post-PHP discharge planning


Child: M-F (8AM – 4PM)
Adolescent: M-F (8AM – 4PM)
Adult: M-F (9AM – 3PM)
Senior: M-F (9AM – 3PM)
Chemical Dependency: M-F (9AM – 3PM)