The Intensive Outpatient Program provides further stabilization in a therapeutic environment for clients who do not require the structure of a full day program like our PHP. Clients attend IOP three hours a day. This allows clients greater flexibility to manage other commitments with their families, with work or with other treatment professionals.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) bridges the gap between inpatient and traditional outpatient therapies. As part of our continuum of care, Montevista Hospital’s IOP program offers intensive, time-limited, outpatient psychiatric treatment to patients living in the community. The IOP meets the needs of individuals who require less than 24-hour care, but who need more comprehensive treatment than can reasonably be provided in a traditional outpatient setting.

Montevista Hospital’s Intensive Outpatient Program is offered for patients who are no longer in acute crisis but who need further support to recover from an illness. The average length of enrollment in this program is ten days.

IOP Services and Benefits:

Montevista’s IOP program offers a full range of services that address the psychological, biological, and social aspects of the client’s illness. Including:

  • Individual assessment
  • Medication consultation and evaluation as needed
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Group therapy (process group and psycho-educational group)
  • Activity therapy
  • Individualized treatment planning and scheduling
  • Post-IOP discharge planning


Child: M-F (8AM – 12PM)
Adolescent: M-F (8AM – 12PM)
Adult: M-F (9AM – 12PM)
Chemical Dependency: M-F (9AM – 12PM)

Family Participation:

Family participation lies at the core of both our Partial Hospitalization and our IOP outpatient treatment programs. Family involvement improves a resident’s chance of full and lasting recovery, and helps them understand that the family system is more powerful than any individual member alone.

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