Montevista Hospital has provided professional behavioral health care in the Las Vegas valley for nearly 30 years. With our recently opened adolescent residential unit, Montevista has become the largest and most comprehensive provider of services for children, adolescents, adults and seniors within the southern Nevada region. All clinical programs are approved by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Our evidence based continuum of services provides both acute care, inpatient based treatment as well as outpatient services, which allows patients to access the clinically appropriate level of service for their specific needs. A fully licensed therapeutic, clinical staff provides individual and group therapy to all patients.

Montevista’s chemical dependency program maintains a very close working relationship with our local military and veteran’s facilities to provide medically managed detoxification and ongoing inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation for all current and former service personnel. We are committed to helping those service members who give so much of themselves to our nation and to our community.

Unlike any other behavioral health inpatient or outpatient program in southern Nevada, the Trauma Informed Care therapeutic framework is woven throughout all aspects of clinical programming at Montevista Hospital, from children and youth through adult and senior patients. The Trauma informed Care model not only recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma within the patient population, it also emphasizes the physical, psychological and emotional safety of our patients.

Our goal at Montevista is to provide true measurable excellence in psychiatric care on a daily basis. To put this goal into practice, we have begun the journey to achieve the Performance Excellence Award offered by the Southwest Alliance for Excellence, a state based recognition of those organizations who most reflect the principals of performance excellence espoused by the Baldrige Foundation.

Our mission at Montevista is to help families put their lives back together one piece at a time by providing compassionate, quality care through evidenced-based treatment.   Our Belief Statements are reflected in every step of our care and serve as a guide in our services:

We believe in providing the highest quality of behavioral healthcare to patients and their families.

We believe in having compassion for, empathy for, and perseverance with the patients and their families.

We believe in utilizing a team approach to care.

We believe in focusing on proactive communication with patients, families, payors and referral sources.

We believe in using sound fiscal management with patient resources.

We believe in encouraging employees to be “the best” in their field.

We believe in being good community citizens.