I would like to thank Montevista Hospital for providing me with all the tools, knowledge and foundation in my recovery with my drug and mental health condition. I was admitted for 5 days as an inpatient. Like any other person I was out of my comfort zone at first. That vibe was short lived as I was treated as an adult, given a room, treated with respect and carefully cared for. After my 5 day stay I enrolled in their adult mental health outpatient PHP program. The program provided me a ride, lunch, snacks, recreational time and more importantly the knowledge to identify my conditions & symptoms, along with coping & thinking skills to overcome particular issues and the ability to cope with my thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The Therapist _____ and Tech _____ were always professional, real and also showed they were human and sincerely took pride in helping everyone. Thank you again. With love & respect

Former Patient

Mr. (Mental health Tech) is an excellent staff member. He helped me when I was down about my body and my life. I want to thank you guys for hiring him. My treatment wouldn’t be the same without him.

Adolescent Patient

I am painstakingly trying to meet the challenges of dealing with an elderly mom with Alzheimer’s (Disease). The staff at Red Rock couldn’t have been more helpful and more understanding! All went out of their way to make me (and my sister) and my mom comfortable.

Red Rock patient's family member

Therapist _________ is outstanding, great . He listens very helpfully. I was upset coming in, after speaking to ___ he made me calm down and helped me resolve the issue.

Adolescent Patient

My experience with Monte Vista/ Red Rock has been both a pleasure and an honor. I am looking forward to cultivating Agape House relationship with your company. We appreciate the promptness and professionalism your company has displayed toward our company and it really all started with you. You are all appreciated.

Agape House, Outpatient Therapist

Everyone loves (Mental Health Technician)! She’s awesome, and went out of her way to find my missing items, which she didn’t have to do. Give her a big fat raise! She always makes me smile, I love her!

Adult Patient

I can’t express my gratitude enough to the staff for their time and life changing help and guidance. Thank you, I will always be grateful.

Adult Partial Hospital Patient

(Mental Health Tech) is one of a kind. He is one of the best staff at Montevista. He is easy to talk to when I need to talk. Even though he’s often busy, he makes time for me when I ask. He gives me good advice when I tell him about my problems.

Adolescent Patient

I am the Clinical and Direct Supervisor for Compass Behavioral Health in Las Vegas, NV.  We had the privilege of having Jennifer Allen and Cyndi Westcott (trauma specialist) from Montevista Hospital give a presentation to our providers at our monthly meeting.  The presentation was amazing, informational and motivational, and the BST and PSR providers could not stop talking about how much they enjoyed the delivery and educational content.  We would like to express our gratitude for their contribution to our company, and would like to thank Montevista and Red Rock Hospitals and Ms. Allen and Ms. Westcott for their presentation in June of 2014.

Dr. Dietz, Clinical and Direct Supervisor, Compass Behavioral Health

The staff always provide excellent and professional performance in their duties. A special thanks to the nurses and techs.

Red Rock patient's family member

I just want to thank all of the staff for all of their help. Every single staff member was amazing! All of you were awesome and made my staff so much easier. Thanks you all for your hard work and dedication, you truly are doing a great thing…

CD Adult Patient

All of the staff were exceptionally helpful in my recovery. I cannot thank them enough for their help. They were all so wonderful, I will miss them. Thanks you from my heart.

Adult unit patient

All of the staff were helpful, knowledgeable, competent and friendly. Nursing staff and mental health techs made it much easier and comfortable to come in to what is a painful and uncomfortable experience. The nurse did a wonderful job during the check-in process and the unit nurses were also very caring and friendly.

CD Adult Patient

FEAT (Families for Effective Autism Treatment) is proud to have partnered the past two years with Montevista Hospital on their Summer Aspergers Program for individuals affected by autism. Finding programs and services that meet the needs of children on the spectrum is difficult for parents especially over the summer months when school is not in session .This summer program is providing a fun & safe environment where the kids are constantly engaged in activities and learning.

The parent support component provided by FEAT during summer camp hours is important for those parents needing emotional support, provider information and long term resources for children and young adults.

FEAT appreciates Montevista Hospital for providing services that meet the needs of our community! We look forward to many years of collaboration and continued success!

Jennifer Strobel Executive Director, Families for Effective Autism Treatment